Solar Powered Signs

A Solar powered sign adds “the green” to “going green”. “The green” is the cost savings from energy-saving, which drops directly to your bottom line. “Going green” is the environmental statement you make which customers and clients see and increasingly appreciate.

More green

  • Installation is significantly less expensive than electrical lighting.
  • No expense of digging up concrete or asphalt to run power to where you want the sign.
  • No expense of wiring from a main power source to the solar powered sign.
  • Your cost is fixed, and amortized over the life of the sign. That means you’ve paid for energy at the start, while electric signs generate an electric bill each month, and electric rates over the next 25 years are destined to rise significantly as traditional power sources shrink.
  • You can generate more business by placing this signage in places you can’t wire a traditional sign.

How does a solar powered sign work?

Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are flat panels made up of solar cells. We incorporate advances in solar technology and create custom signs for any need.

What happens when there’s no sun?

  • Hassle-free, large capacity batteries are part of the package.
  • The batteries are recharged during the day by the solar panels.
  • The power from the batteries is only used a night.
  • Next generation batteries can give you up to two weeks of power without sunlight
  • Electronic timers allow you to set start and stop times, conserving battery power. You may decide there is no need to invite customers in, or advertise where your business is, when traffic is non-existent in the middle of the night.

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